Frink Park Update - the Western Front

Thanks largely to the Herculean work of David Smith - Frink’s master of invasive plant eradication - most of the western area of Frink is free from the chokehold of ivy, blackberry, laurel and holly.  On the heels of our efforts at invasive plant removal, a number of revegetation projects have been undertaken this past year to increase and diversify the native plantings in this area of the park.

Project One was implemented with work crews from the Student Conservation Association and plants from EarthCorps. With Friends of Frink, the SCA crew applied mulch and planted natives on the slope below 31st Ave.  Included in this project was some especially fine work on a ridiculously steep area which required substantial erosion control measures. Some follow-up planting will likely be necessary to complete this effort.

Project Two involved a dedicated crew from the U.W. Sustainable Community Landscapes program. They refurbished the area alongside King St - between 31st and 32nd Aves.  They were responsible for the design of the project as well as its implementation; invasive plant removal, the application of 100 yards of mulch, and the careful installation of 1,000+ native plants.

We were also fortunate to have an EarthCorps crew to tackle the ivy on the steep slope to the north of Project Two. EarthCorps and Friends of Frink salvaged native plants and replanted much of the slope.  Additional planting will be done this coming year to bring that project to completion.

This year we are looking forward to Project Three - the slope below 31st Ave near King St.  The project will be accomplished in stages. Clearing the slope of invasive plants has begun - thanks to the work of volunteers at “the day of caring” on Sept. 13th. Some large cherry laurels will be removed , followed by more invasive plant removal, mulching  and replanting the slope to native vegetation.  A 60 foot entry trail from the corner of 31st and King to the meadow area below will be installed. We expect this project to enhance the perception of Frink Park is an accessible and safe public space.

More detailed information regarding Project Three - and other projects in the park - can be found at the Friends of Frink Park website:
The park kiosk at 31st Ave and Jackson has information posted there as well. Community response and input is always appreciated.

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